TTC remembers Adam Yauch



The Tibet Center and all its students are deeply saddened and mourn the loss of our brother and fellow student Adam Yauch. A true music pioneer, he influenced a generation. His many charitable works have been of enormous benefit to the cause of Tibetan Buddhism and the Tibetan people. We will miss his warmth and friendship. The Tibet Center sends prayers to his family. May he be born in a completely pure realm.

Liner notes from 'Compassion in Emptiness' DVD...

"First of all, let me say that there is no one on this earth who I have greater respect for than His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. In my  younger years, I would have hesitated to bow before anyone. These days, I no longer feel that, and bow before His Holiness without hesitation. By any ability I have to tell, His Holiness' intentions are 100% pure. He is a living, walking Buddha. He will claim that he is not, but that humbleness is part of the Buddhist tradition, and I am honored to count myself among his students...and being able to be involved with putting together this set of DVDs and helping to make copies of his words, thoughts and images available to people is the greatest work that I can imagine being involved with."

~ Adam Yauch


Photos: Vensa Manua Lazar