Friends of The Tibet Center Launch Matching Fund Drive Spring 2013

Support Friends of The Tibet Center's Spring 2013 Matching Fund

On May 16 2013 we met and exceeded our Matching Fund goal of $15,000 for a total of $18,541. Friends of The Tibet Center has agreed to match the entire amount raised by supporters. We are now able to pledge $37,082 toward our new home!

If you haven't yet donated you can still show your support. Please check the site for updates and news regarding the Residence Fund.

April 2013

Please donate to this great opportunity, TTC's Matching Fund Drive Spring 2013. Friends of The Tibet Center have generously endowed us with a matching fund of $15,000. We now ask you to join us to raise $15,000 during this drive. Give what you can in any amount and together when we reach $15,000 your donation dollars will be matched and doubled! Through the generous support and hard work of donors like you and the grantor, $15,000 will become $30,000 towards the purchase of The Tibet Center’s home here in NYC.